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The mission of Landmarks Illinois is to preserve, protect, and promote architectural and historic resources in Illinois through advocacy and education.


In 1971, the Landmarks Preservation Council was founded by Chicago citizens outraged at the prospect of losing the Chicago Stock Exchange, the premier, 1894 Adler & Sullivan office tower located at LaSalle and Washington Streets. Despite extensive publicity, the preparation of feasibility studies, and legal action, this masterpiece of American architecture was demolished. Subsequently, the Landmarks Preservation Council began to address the long-term goal of developing a comprehensive strategy for Chicago and later, Illinois. We became the Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois in 1979, fully grafting a statewide mission to its agenda throughout the 1980's. In 2006, the organization shortened its name to Landmarks Illinois and in 2013 opened its first regional office in Springfield. What began as a grassroots organization dedicated to protecting Chicago School architecture has grown into a locally-supported, nationally-recognized nonprofit preserving the diverse places of an entire state.


Landmarks Illinois serves as the state’s leading voice for historic preservation by promoting the reuse of buildings as a strategy for economic development and sustaining healthy communities, while expanding the public’s understanding and stewardship of the built environment. Led by the Board of Directors and a staff of preservation, design, and event professionals, the organization and its dedicated volunteers and preservation partners throughout Illinois work with citizens groups and individual community leaders to:

  • Develop and implement preservation strategies for specific buildings or issues.
  • Advocate for legislation, policy changes, or financial support for historic resources.
  • Offer financial assistance through seed grants and recognition of outstanding preservation achievement through awards.
  • Ensure the permanent protection of historic properties through easement donations.
  • Educate communities and individuals about the value of historic places for the common good.

Landmarks Illinois is the only not-for-profit organization inspiring local action statewide to catalyze incremental and transformational community change through historic preservation.